Atlanta Roofing Contractors

Atlanta Roofing Contractors

Let us start by saying being an entrepreneur is ‘the’ best career around. Travel the world, work from anywhere in the world, make great money, and if one biz doesn’t work, we are on to the next one! Persistence and consistency is our game and we love it. Now, one of our entrepreneurial businesses is Atlanta Roofing Contractors so let’s begin with how we did this very successful and people-loving roofing company in beautiful Atlanta, GA.

So, we came across this oldy but goodie owner of Atlanta Roofing Contractors and how lucky we were to speak with this guy!

This guy is 76 years young and you would never know it. His energy level for his business and especially the customers is incredible. He’s excited to go to work everyday, he loves his employees, his customers and all the vendors he works with. This guy seems to never have a bad day according to him and everyone he deals with on a daily basis.

No wonder his roofing repair company is thriving!

He runs specials often and discounts for all new customers as well as his return customers. He’s an active owner, which is great due to he makes sure all is up to par, so to speak.

He’s been married for over 40 years and has 4 children, 2 of which run the business as well. His kids are all boys and they all seem to love the entrepreneurism that they all have and practice with new businesses often.

So, you see one is never too old to enjoy any business.

If you are in Atlanta, Georgia and need excellent care in your roofing in needs, by all means go to:

You will never be disappointed with the service and products they provide. Also, just an FYI, commercial buildings are their specialty along with residential…


What’s New With Atlanta Roofing

What’s New With Atlanta Roofing

We met with the owner of Atlanta Roofing, oldest entrepreneur in the state of Georgia! Such a down-to-earth type of guy and loves to keep his company up to speed on every aspect of a great business. Well, having our conversations with him, he told us wanted to be an entrepreneur since he was 4 years old. He remembered going to the neighborhood and asking all the neighbors what he could do for them to make some money!

What a true business owner from such a young age. That’s what we love, starting a business from scratch and growing it to the best it can be. So, back to Atlanta Roofing and its owner.

The owner has been in the roofing repair business for decades now. He is at the young age of 72 and going strong. So, one of the basic tips for starting your own business and being a true entrepreneur is never give up. Yep, the first and most important tip is never give up. You see if you never give up your new business will happen. Yes, there will be many mistakes, however, mistakes are just a way of getting closer to your entrepreneur dreams.

So, never give up and keep going, be consistent, never stop learning, reading and doing the very best you can do everyday. This way you will own your own business just as our roofing repair in Atlanta, GA owner did.

In fact, check out his site here:

Reach out to him with any questions or concerns, he loves to help other business owners with anything you may need. Again, he started his Atlanta roofing repair business decades ago and now he is abreast of all the techy stuff a company may need.

That’s it for today, be sure and visit our blog frequently for we are writing daily…